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Incorrect Review left by guest


Our recent guest has left us only a 5 for cleanliness ut over all an 8 and says they would stay again.

This is the only guest who has ever left a low cleanliness score and i find this disspointing.

This guest left our property in a very unclean state and if anything I should complain about them!  I have pictures as evidence.

Is it possible to get review removed as during this time it may have a negative effect on future bookings.


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Brigitte


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.


In general unless the Guest Review breaks a rule ,it will never be removed.


You can in most cases reply to their comments, if they left some.


You can say you are going to demystify their misinformed comments. It actually was x,y, z. and that leaving generic misinformation is not appreciated, and should contain actual facts and examples.

That is all you can do. So someone else reading it can see you clarify how  the guest was wrong and why .


As for how they left the place, I would simply open the details page for them and Report Guest. Attach the photos.


and then on bottom of the form tick the box for Blacklist this guest.


Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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