Installing security systems in tourist apartments

I am considering installing security systems in some of my apartments.

I was wondering if anyone has done this and what was the perception from guests and how effective was it. Also any thoughts on managing this would be appreciated.

The reason for this is the following.

Monitor guests who bring more guests than the reservation is for.

Improve security for guests staying inn the apartments

Protect the property while it is empty.


The system that I am looking in has digital cameras that will take  a still image inside the apartment if the alarm is not deactivated. This image then goes to the security company who will send the police to investigate.

The cameras can be turned off at any time by the guest and the the guest will have a toggle that can be used to activate and deactivate the alarm system.


Or have any of you got a different system that could achieve the results I am looking for?

BrookAve 2 years ago


As with any security system its only as good as :

  1. the notification & monitoring it has
  2. the response time by police / service provider to get a confirm code from you


AS for cameras, 24/7/365 motion trigered are the better option and no turning them off as you only put them in non private room locations, i.e .any where other than bathroom and bedrooms, is fair game.