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I added new property yesterday  ( Gelvadiskes Forest ) and I am not alowed to confirm that there is internet access. Once I try to save in the settings that there is internet, then always pops notification abaut failed car park validation.  I have saved that there is car park for guests , but still can not save that there is internet too.

Can you advise please

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BrookAve 1 year ago


hi ,welcome 


If you actually have full access to the Extranet :

  1. go to property menu
  2. now policies page
  3. scroll down to where internet is and enable it there.
  4. dont change anything else at this point ,now click save.
  5. return to the page if you want to change something else but only make one change and save each time.



else if still not working report it to partnersupport.


 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


  • Remember this Partner Hub is not a direct line to any support team.
  • So never post action requests here, nothing will come of it.
  • Always message or phone Partner Support directly instead. Method #4 Public Phone List 


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Gitana Vaicyte 1 year ago

thank you very much for your comment and the link to the phone numbers. I called and reported the problem. they are working on it now. hopefuly will be fixed soon