I am confused, what should I CHARGE TO the customer, the total price or the other price without commission, I dont get it, can somebody help me?

Sharon Powney 3 years ago

You should the charge that amount that includes the commission.  Whatever you charge the guest, booking.com will then take 15% or whatever your commission rate is.  So if you charge guest $100 then booking.com will expect 15% commission, plus GST/VAT.  You will get left with about $80-82.

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Aaron Account … 3 years ago

Hi Cristina Rodriguez,


Thank you for your question. As Sharon Powney mentioned, you will need to charge the full gross amount on the Extranet. 


The commission due will be invoiced the first week of each month, for all reservations with departure dates from the previous month. 


You can read more about invoices here.


All the best,

Aaron B.