Hello! I received a booking and I message the guest that the apartment wasn’t available. 
now I am getting an invoice from Booking.com 

how can I dispute that invoice?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi @Sandra Cuevas

The reason why you probably got an invoice is because Booking had to relocate the guest to another property/apartment that had a higher cost/price than yours.  This is standard procedure when you are unable to host the guest that was confirmed as we need to find an alternative accommodation to the guest and although Customer Service tries to find similar accommodations in terms of cost and amenities to the guest, it is not always possible. The cost of relocation is generally covered by the original accommodation.

I would suggest you keep your apartment´s calendar up to date to avoid future overbookings and if it happens again, contact the guest directly and offer an alternative date or accommodation that is similar in amenities and location (and cost) to yours and Contact customer Service to keep them informed and help you resolve the best way for everyone. 

Hope this helps.