Invoices, payments and commissions. Urgent

Good morning, I'm from Mexico (ID 7218036). I have had several problems with Booking.com invoices, payments and commissions and have tried to communicate in all ways with Booking, without success. The telephone numbers that appear for Mexico are not enabled and in the Extranet messages, only one bot answers.

The first problem is that, as I have seen, they are charging me double the commissions because they deduct them from the payment they make to me and then they also send me an invoice charging them.

I sent an email exposing the problem and a bot answered me with an answer that is not related to what was asked.

The second problem is that I received an email informing me that my bank in Mexico rejected the Booking transfer corresponding to the April payment. It had never happened and I spoke to the bank, they say they have no information about it. Anyway, I changed the data and wrote another bank in which I have an account. When will I receive the payment?

Not only have they not paid me, but they charge me double commissions that I have not even received.

please I URGE to contact someone I can talk to about this problem.

Preferably in Spanish.

Thank you!