Hi, I have a confirmed booking 1-4 of July, they had booked 1-3 but changed one day extra-4th my calendar says 3rd is still bookable even if the booking is confirmed.

If I close the room so no-one else can book would I still have it rented out and will I still be paid for it?

It's a glitch in the system. Anybody who knows what I should do?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Julia Enhorn


Yes that is indeed odd.

But if the reservation is only confirmed for 3 consecutive days,

all you have to do for the 4th night is to mark that room type count -1 for that date.

or if only one room for the room type , simply mark it closed.


If you do this you will need to collect the payment for the 4th night directly and is not part of the commissionable amount for BdC. as its is a direct arrangement with Guest.


However if the 4th night has been added by having the dates updated on the system either via BdC support or direct on website, then no further action required.



Kind Regards


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