List a property in Cuba

When i try to list my property in Cuba 

I have this error message : 


We’re sorry to inform you that we cannot process your registration at this time. Our virtual payment provider has notified us that they will be terminating our contract due to business priorities on their end. We are working to find a new payments partner as quickly as possible, but we cannot proceed with your registration until that has happened. We expect to resolve this in a couple of weeks. We kindly ask you to try registering again in mid-January 2020.


What can I do? 

I see other porperties in Cuba on Booking. 

BrookAve 1 year ago


sounds like you just need  to wait , and could list else where while waiting


Note: if you list on 2 or more OTA , make sure to also get a Channel Manager, it will prevent tears later.


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