Listing completely dissapeared. No help from booking.com

Hi all,

I have villa on booking.com since about 6 months now.

We had people book our listing and have an excellent review score of 9.9.

We have guests in the villa right now that have booked a couple of months ago.

I can access details from past bookings in extranet. I can also communicate with the present guest.

However, my listing has completely dissapeared from booking.com. When I click on the link button second from right in the top right corner it doesn't show me my listing anymore.

When I check on the maps, my listing is also gone.

I used to be able to even just type in the name and the property would come up, also in google.

Or just check the type of property in filters and it would be somewhere in the list.

Now nothing at all works anymore, my guest likes the villa and wants to book extra nights but is unable too as they can also not find the property anymore. It seems like it was delisted.

I have contacted booking.com over 1 week ago but I have still not received any response.

Can someone please help? I am at a loss here, I don't know what to do anymore.


Thank you in advance

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

This sounds like a dissaster... Very sorry to hear...

Have you tried to log in through another browser??? Have you emptied your cache???

Maybe you can share your link for us to check.

Wish you luck.

Pinyapach Pinpeto 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your reply.


Yes, I have used different computers, tablets, phones. The resut is always the same.

When I click on the second from right button, the one that brings you to your property, nothing happens, I just get a list from hotels in my area.So I can't give you a link as I don't see the link myself.

I have updated the calendar, made sure the open/close status is correct etc. But my property status is closed/Not bookable.

I already had several guests and my location is confirmed.

I do not understand why, very confusing.

Some help would be very appreciated

Pinyapach Pinpeto 3 years ago

Hi, thanks again for your help.

I managed to talk to the helpdesk, but from another country as the helpdesk from our country doesn't seem to respond.

Apparantly we indeed need to do another verification by videocall (we did the verification by code sent to our adress when first signing up), strange we weren't informed about this, no message in our inbox, no call, nothing at all. Just blocked our property without notification after having already having received several guests.

The booking.com office I called to has sent an internal message to the office of the country where our property is located, hopefully I will see some action soon.

Appreciate your help.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago


Massive pleasure.

At least now you know what the problem was.

Wish you very soon your property is verified.

Please remember to edit your profile in Community...add photo, add property link.

Wish you all the best and thanks for the feedback.