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Dear, its almost impossible to talk with someone from Booking. I´m a manager for 6 hotels and Im having a lot of problems with Booking, I really dont know what can I do, my only option is cancel all the hotels that I run from Booking because the problems are bigger and bigger every day:

One of my logins lead to a hotel who doesnt exist anymore;
The description of one of the hotels that I run is wrong and I already lost 2 reservations;
The comission that i pay to Booking is set in 16% and I cannot change to 13% again;
The rates for each country doesnt work;

I sent plenty e-mails over the last 2 weeks and nothing, I´m having a lot of problems and I already lost a lot of money because Booking doesnt reply my e-mails and because Booking doesnt have a contact number in Brazil that the partners can call asap. Its a absurd. I understand that today we need Booking to operate but I cannot handle anymore, this is my last attempt to have a answer, I think I need to go to Court to have this problem solve.

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Echo - Communi… 1 month ago

Hi Tiago, 


We normally don't use email as our key communication channel. I will suggest you either use messages > Booking.com inbox to contact our local team. Please select one of the topics which might be most relevant to your issue, or you can find a local contact number from the same page (normally sitting on the right bottom corner of the page). Our local team will definitely sort out this matter for you. 


I hope that information will direct you to the right team for further help,