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On Booking.com, how can i give long stay discounts?  14 night, 21 night and monthly?

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi  Jocelyn Carus


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How to do discounts:


  1. Genius - there are two types normal guest and business travelers, these start from 5 or 10% and can stack with other features.
  2. Mobile Rate enabled + 10% stacked.
  3. Extranet Promotions Menu
    1. Here you can build out various combinations from Last Minute Rate  with restrictions [prepay etc[
    2. You can limit to :
      1. only one room/ room type; 
      2. stay date ranges, mixed.
      3. non members V genius members V secret sales etc
      4. minimum length of stay up to 7 nights
      5. Basic  V Last Minute V Early Booker V Free Nights
      1. Here there is an option to set minimum nights to book to qualify
      2. So think of it possibly as guest books 13 gets 14th free
      3. or Guest book 19 nights get 1 free

 4. Calendar - Extended Fields hidden

Send a message to BdC Support to enable all the hidden extended fields for the calendar.

These include:  NO Arrivals, No Departure, Max Stay , etc.


Use these to tweak the rate plans on List View for time of the year. Set special rates for day of the week, dates events on etc.




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