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Looking after yourself

Staying healthy as much as you can. 


Take half a lemon with warm water.

Natural Vit. C (non-acidic tablet form or lypospheric liquid form which is very well absorbed by the body)

Try to exercise if you can't go outside (meaning keep using your lungs / get your heart pumping)

imo We are not informed enough how to protect ourselves from the virus. But we Can do a lot more then we think. (pro-active approach) by how we eat/drink and move.

Wishing you all protection, 

Hoping this virus will stop soon. 


Many greetings and blessings

Aaltje B. 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks guys for suggestions...

We live in a country village so we don’t feel isolated...but this virus is a catastrophe...

Today our Prime Minister announced the the lockdown of all hotels in Greece for 3 months.

Wish everyone well.


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Same here! 

Entering the country not being a resident is not allowed. 

But we can still host people from within NZ if I want to.