Lousy Reviews

I have seen a lot of other hosts listed with Booking.com who are REALLY unhappy about BDC's refusal to remove scores from guests that are completely out of character of the host.

We fail to understand WHY BDC hang onto their dogged refusal to back US when things click along in the same manner for years.... ONE of 'those' guests comes along, damages the room, leaves things covered in sand, doesn't clean up behind themselves in the kitchen and leaves US a low score.

This is supposed to be "independent", "objective" reporting by BDC.  IF BDC indulges guests like this for long enough those guests will believe they can do and say whatever they like where ever they like... and enough hosts will eventually file a Class Action Lawsuit which will cost BDC LOTS more than removing the occasional blip from a terrible guest.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

hi Cleaningupbop.

I agree and have written BDC about it. but they replied saying that it is not possible for hotels to review the guests. Unless they change their review concept and make categorised changes it is not possible to have this done.

But agree you can request to the website designers within BDC and help them with new ideas, as I have done and many others, it could help!