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Lunatic Booker!!

Well here is a weird tale...

We had a Booker reserve with an invalid credit card. We cancelled the booking.
This erm, Booker, has now rebooked, at this time, no less than sixteen times!
Each time using one of three invalid credit cards.
With BDCs system for cancelling we are having trouble keeping up with cancelling these idiotic bookings ( exactly the same booking each time BTW).
We have contacted "support" but so far they have been a total jelly door knob.

It is a ridiculous situation where we cannot stop a total nutter bombarding our listing with bookings. At this point 3 are still live.
I will try to call our local office when they open but they have a history of being useless so I don't hold out much hope.

Is there a way that this can stopped? BDC are very unwilling to assist.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Wow 16x.


That sounds like a targeted effort.