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Make-up removed, our pillows stay clean

Stained pillow-covers are everyone's nightmare, especially using white linen. 

To help remind guests they can use tissues provided for them and it safes the hosts lots of hassle and extra work and loss of linen. (yes, it costs a bit - but not everyone showers before bed and I rather pay a bit extra done throwing out my best linen! ) 

An extra towel could be provided for those using argan oil and related hair products. This is a very rich and creating deep staining marks. Another infamous one is tanning products and hair dye...

Hope this helps you co-hosts.

If you have more ideas, please show us. The more ideas the better.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Aaltje B. Very good idea indeed. I also have available makeup remover tissues for my guests and they really appreciate it. It’s a nightmare when they remove their makeup in towels. Again it’s a matter of how responsible guests are.
Take care...

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B.TRAN 5 years ago

Great idea! Thank you for sharing as I would be doing the same to our housekeeping team