Manage multiple room

Hi I have 5 identical rooms, I created a room and I said that I have 5rooms of that type, everything was setup quickly.

But I don't see how to allocate a room to the reservation, actually i put a note in the reservation, so I have to look carefully before saying to a new customer which room he has.

Also it will create some problem with room allocation, let say that I have 3 rooms booked for the week, and room #4 is booked from monday to wednesday and room #5 is booked from thursday to friday. The customer will see that there is one room left, but in fact if he reserve we will have to move him from room #5 to room #4 in the middle of the stay, which is a bit awkward.

I think that the best way managing it is to create 5 distincts rooms, but before going that way I was wondering if I missed something in the configuration of my property. Also I imagine bigger place than mine creating like 50rooms, there is probably a better way getting it work?