Many profiles for one partner

Please remove all profiles of Mount Amanzi Game Lodge Naboomspruit,  Mount Wokutakula and all and other aliases. We currently having greate problems regarding rates and availability. This has cost us a lot of income. Please refer back to ***

BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi juan 


What exactly are you referring to?


The only profile(s), are registered users on this partner hub.


A partner hub account profile, is not linked to an extranet account.


I think you are referring to multiple differently named but similar named properties.


In general if you or your organisation didn't  list them and the addresses are different from yours ...

Then you have no say in it, no rights to demand removal.


However if you have proof of them being duplicates,  and or fake 3rd party, then contact BdC support directly. 


Kind regards