Maximum number of rooms per booking.

Good morning,

I want to find away to limit the number of room reservations that can be taken from one person on a single reservation. We are a small boutique hotel oriented at the leisure guest and we just had a reservation for 14 rooms from booking.com. We have lots of diferent roomtypes so each roomtype does not have a very big inventroy (sometimes just one or two rooms) This is great revenue but it fills my hotel and is a real risk for us as if this guest cancels within the allowed period (up to 15 days before) we are left with an empty hotel as it is too late to sell and we lose thousands of dollars. So not that great.

The solution I want is either: a way to say "no this guest can book up to 5 rooms in total (across different roomtypes)" OR a way for bookings of many, multiple rooms to have a different cancellaiton conditions (stricter).

The solution I want is not just to limit my rooms on the Channel Manager/Booking.com inventory as we have several rooms types with only a few rooms on each all with 1, 2 or 3 rooms on each roomtype, so it is not practical to do it that way.

What other solution can you offer me?

Thank you.



BrookAve 1 year ago

None, other than you would have to check each booking for it manually then decide to click Request cancel, then choose option 1 of 2.


And of course send a preset message template of your own creation to notify them just before you do it.



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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

We limit ours to avoid large groups. Simply set your inventory on BDC to the maximum you would want any single group of people to have. You can then manually replace the allotment or use the auto top up feature to replace the booked out rooms. (Although after reading your post again I see you didn't want to do this...but I disagree on your comment of it being impractical, it works perfectly for us)


Room type 1 inventory = 2

Room type 2 inventory = 1


I don't use a channel manager so cannot cast any light there.


Even if there was a method to limit in the way you describe, it would not stop someone multi-booking or using alternative booking names to achieve the same, we have had this on a couple of occasions. We then sent a message to all the related bookings explaining our stance on large groups, basically behave or cancel now. We do not have any short notice cancellation free-refund policies in place. We only accept serious reservations.

Mosaic House 8 months ago


it is unfortunatelly not possible to limit the number of rooms in our booking and it is getting a bigger and bigger problem for us too. We are even considering ending the cooperation, because BKG is not flexible with that. Their customer line is also acting poorly regarding group bookings :(