Minimum booking nights

I want to set my minimum night booking to 3 nights, I spent all last night doing what I thought was setting it 

on restriction.. but this morning another 1 night booking came in, after paying the cleaner and laundry and blocking a days after it’s just not worth me taking 1 night.. please is there something I’m missing?

i highlight the dates, set the price then click restrictions and make it 3 nights! But it doesn’t work? 
is this the right way, am I broken? 

BrookAve 3 years ago



hmm highlight dates? which method you using 


calendar list view and then bulk edit ?


The basics to have in place is one room type, one rate plan linked.


Check out my digest on all things Availability, as it will likely cover everything you need to learn.

Managing Availability by BrookAve



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