Minimum Length of Stay - how to notify guests

Hello All, 

We would like to set Minimum Length of Stay , the process is clear but not sure how to notify the guests about it. 

What we have noticed is; if we set Minimum Length of Stay  then the system won't show the room type if we select less number of days than defined in the system. 

Please guide us to overcome this issue.

Best Regards


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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Take a picture of yourself holding board or paper with the text : amount of days - minimum stay.

Or put it in the room and take close up photo. Something playful :)

Then add this as one of the first photo's in your listing.

And of course you can use it in your description where you introduce your property .

If other partners have other ideas, please say so.

With greetings and wishing you inspiration.

Aaltje B.