We had guests book in with us under name *** ***- beware of them as they book for cheap then stay over a period and invite their friends as well over then they sleep over, they break all the rules and still lie about it and then smoke and burn pretty much everything 
How do you handle this type of situation especially if you not present on the location towatch over guests? surely you dont want to be policing customers but I mean if they lie what do you do? 

Eddy 4 years ago

Take a large security deposit from them on their credit card. Licensed accommodation establishments are allowed to preauthourise credit cards with security deposits just like car hire companies. This debit then expires 14 days after the date you process it so you don't have to process any refunds.

Unfortunately it means you also have to do it with all your new guests even the ones that turn out to be respectful and nice but it does avoid many problems.