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The Monthly Edit and Property Description

Hi everyone, just had the Monthly Edit emailed to me and delighted to see that we can now do the following:

Improve your listing with a customised host profile

You asked for more ways to personalise your listing. We heard your feedback – now you can include more details about yourself, helping to establish trust with your guests. Plus, you can write your own property description, giving you the chance to highlight what makes your property unique."

So thought I would take a look at doing so as also said in the "Edit" that guests can see your profile.  Well I could do or see neither so anyone else checked out these new features with success?

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fluff 4 years ago

It's all in your profile section.

There are three headings:

About The Property

About The Host

About The Neighbourhood.

You can put what you want there. Unfortunately it is VERY rarely read by guests.

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Andy 4 years ago

Yes am aware of where it is for me but what am not seeing is any results. What is the point of me writing a description of my property if it is only seen by me. I have searched as a guest would and nowhere does my written description of the property appear which is contradictory to what BC are now claiming.  Regarding potential customers reading profiles how do they do that as I can't read others profiles when searching for a property?

Would be good if BC gave explanation on this subject now they have admitted they have heard us and addressed the points.