More guests turn up than booked

We have started charging for children and have a couple of instances where the parents have booked for 2 adults then turned up with 2 children as well. Just interested to know how others handle this situation? We tend to leave extra bedding in the property and have a sofa bed so they tend to end up using these for the children. It's getting a bit frustrating as we are having extra laundry etc for no extra income.

BrookAve 1 year ago


Simple decide is it worth the drama, extra work.


If not and you leave it as 2 adults, you just don't provide the extra bedding etc then they will learn the hardway.


Should they show up they need to bring their own.


Problem solved.


Could lock the extra away with a pin or code padlock so if they contact you they can agree to send payment first then you give them the code.

Be creative