Moving a unit to another room type so I can have a specific calendar for each unit which I can sync to my website

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we have 4 units all in the same room type. I want to be able to sync a calender for each unit to my website booking plugin. I understand that I can only do a calendar sync from booking.com if a room type has 1 unit only. Can you please advise if I can move a unit with it's reservations from one room type to another?

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BrookAve 2 years ago

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Here what you call a unit is actually inventory count by Room Type.


The way I used to do that was to create additional room types per room and only have inventory of 1 for each.


Note: If you have alot more than 2-3 rooms , this will never work.


Why ? because the Room Type name is a drop down list and no custom name option.


So basically to try to calendar each room you have to its own calendar will never be practical, if you are doing it from BdC to a calendar.


I would not pursue this, instead I would adapt to the limitations and not try to reinvent the wheel.






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Account Adviso… 2 years ago

Hi Blackstairs Eco Trails,


For smaller properties, you can definitely separate your room types to allow for easier sync if you do not utilise a channel manager. We are unable to move reservations from one room type (unless it is a totally different room) but I would recommend you to block off the dates for these new room types that will correspond to the existing bookings you already have to prevent overbookings. If all room types are the same, then there is no issue moving the reservations around on your end.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.