mrs Ann Allery

here in the   UK we cannot open our Shepherds Hut to let. due to the covid 19 and the government rules.

these rules will be reviewed some time around the 4th July.

these rules apply to bb caravan parks and the like.

although we only have the one unit we do not run it as a business, do these rules apply to us ? also can we make a claim due to lost and cancelled bookings.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Ann,


The simple answer is only if there is no local or national restriction on you from doing so.

So yes the rules do apply, and if you have a way of safely providing access and distancing etc then in theory it should be fine.


Having said that if there are travel restrictions, inbound , depending on where guests coming from they may not be able to get to your location.


On the topic of make a claim due to lost/cancelled bookings, there is no such thing or programme provided by Booking.com.

I would advise you to seek advice from local council/ civil services who may be providing Small business assistance programmes



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well