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Must reads: November 2020

Dear Community,

Here are some threads and updates I would like to share with you as part of the Monthly recap:

  1. Read more about the four ways to optimise your short-term rental listing. Booking.com Senior Product Marketing Manager Alessandro Pacilio reveals actionable insights you can implement during recovery to help attract demand to your property. 
  2. How to get more people to find your property? Read practical advice from one of our Account Advisors. 
  3. Read a short but useful guideline about how to navigate in the Partner Community posted by one of the top Community Contributors BrookAve. It will help you to take most of this network.
  4. Have a look at a few useful tips about how to set Customized' House Rules.
  5. Want to know more about how to manage invoices? Save my thread with a few useful links. And if later you have a question, simply go to your profile page and open it from the “saved” tab.   

What was the number one tip you saw in the month of November? Tell fellow partners in the comments below.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Sergei!

Thanks for recap.


I have already posted that my listing is missing my diamonds (stars).


Alessandro Pacilio In his article mentions why it is important for listings to have a quality score rating...

I would highly appreciate it if Alessandro could advise me why my listing is missing quality score and what I can do to enable system to recognize  that my listing is eligible.


It is inexcusable for a property with a review score 9.9 to be excluded from having a quality score rating!!!


We are trying to survive in these hard times so please understand my worries.


Thanks again for your  kind cooperation and have a nice weekend.