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My account and setting problems

I have few issues I need your help with.

1. I have one email I use both for my property and for booking hotel rooms.  I have endless problems with passwords and signing in.  Booking dot com does not recognize my password

2. I see different pricing at my property compared to the one I have inserted, when I go and look for hotel rooms in my area?  Why is that?

3. My property is a bungalow or a one house which is entirely for the guests.  Admission with a keybox.  The house has one bedroom with 130 cm bed and a bunker, and then the main living room which has a wide sofa which can be taken out and changed to king size bed.  I have always register this for 4 people and of course provided bedsheets for this number.  I also provide if requested a crib. Having few reviews which complains about the size of the house and low privacy, I decided to  change this to 2 people, even though this is a perfect place for a couple with 2 children for example.  I have explained that in the my own description.  I wonder if this is clear enough, or do I need addtional  actions?  I already have one booking for 4 people which is totally ok for me.

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Alex - Content… 1 year ago

Hi Vilhjalmur Gudmundsson!

If you're new to the Community - welcome!

Let me try to see if I can help you:


1) What precisely do you see/experience with your password?

- Once you set a password it should always work; perhaps using a password management tool could help so you don't risk forgetting/mistyping it?


2) Possible scenarios:

- Do you have country rates enabled? If that's the case, people from different countries (perhaps your browser location shows up in a different area) might see different rates.

- Are the currencies the same? E.g. could it be that your rates are in Euro but while browsing your settings are set to Krona?

- Are you browsing while signed into or signed out? It might be that this is causing the difference, as signed-in users might see discounts.


3) Sounds like your property is a great fit for families

- An easy way to attract more families is setting up special rates for children. You can read more on that here where we cover a lot of context around including policies, rates, amenities and so on.

- If families are not your target group, perhaps you can also try different occupancy levels to see what best suits you. Here's an article that gives more information on maximum occupancy levels; maybe you can set it to 2 vs. 4 and see which you ultimately prefer.


Hope this helps!

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Vilhjalmur Gud… 1 year ago

Thanks for your prompt feedback Alex

1) I am simply very much confused having account as a guest for a long time, and also as property owner offering my guesthouse for rent.  I have used the same email address.  Signing into booking dot com has been confusing as booking dot com did not recognize my password, even though I had it correct.  How to choose between extranet and my guest account as a start is very much confusing.  I finally decided to change the email, so now I have two emails, one for the extranet and one for booking dot com as a guest.  I think I have learned that when signing in at extranet, you need to put in and then choose extranet

2)  the prices are higher than the ones I have inserted, and no discounts.  If I search now then it shows 45000 iskr for two nights. If I change that to EUR, then is is 300 EUR and 150 pr night.  But my rate in May is 135 EUR pr night.  I do not understand this?  I am browsing while not logged in, and get info that I am eligable for discount.

3)  When I see my listing to choose from, then it says 2 bedroom cottage.  I don't know how to change this.  All is correct below, but when clicking at the listing then the automatic text which booking dot com creates as description is not correct, and needs to be adjusted.  For example it says: "Each room is equipped with an electric tea pot ..........." There is no "each room".  This is a one cottage as with one bedroom and one living room as can be seen on photos and equipped with all these things only once.  I have added hot tub in the garden, and wonder if you can help me to add that?

Many thanks for your kind attention.

Best regards


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Alex - Content… 1 year ago

And thanks for your reply!


Afraid I'm not a support agent so I can't personally check and help you (note that the Community is not monitored by support agents at all, actually - it's meant for partner-partner connections) but what I can do is maybe give you some helping documentation?


Speaking for your points:

1) I now see what you mean. It's tricky indeed, hope your 2 email solution works long-term.

2) Hm, perhaps it's best if you try to reach someone that can take a look at this for you? I suggest going to your extranet inbox tab and calling the number you find under " messages" - or writing a message there. I hope you can easily reach someone from support!

3) If I understand right, and from what I can tell, you should be able to fix this yourself in the extranet. Should be faster and easier this way - can you please take a look at this article and see if any scenario matches what you're trying to amend? Or perhaps an even easier way is to change your property type?


Again, hope this helps!