My booking.com Has double booked for the 2 july and this needs to be refunded . why am i not being asked before these booking to make sure we have availability

We currently run a airbnb and have joined booking . com but the calendars are not synchronising.

you need to provide a simpler way for us or let me have the guest booking details so we can reply quicker . this is frustrating i have had to cancel too many of your guest because your not allowing access to them. 

BrookAve 1 year ago



Correct they wont in real time so instead you must use a channel manager  

e.g. hosthub.com


never use 2 + OTA without using a channel manager 3rd party


the guest booking details so we can reply quicker


this part makes zero sense, you already have access in the extranet to this info by opening the details page. for phone number click on it to reveal


also did you set policy to make address and phone number mandatory ?



 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


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