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My Code #2

The original thread for this has been "archived"  by Laura.

I hope it was due to a particular post using inappropriate language, not merely hiding many complaints for new properties not receiving their postal confirmation codes.




Your address has been fumbled up, you will need to get BDC to correct it.

Most the posties here speak next to no English so that address will cause problems. 

Your addy should read;

7 Luang Phor Chuan Road,

Soi 1,

Karon Beach 83100




All that Muang, Amphoe etc is confusing the issue.

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Laura, Communi… 4 years ago

Hi fluff,

Thanks for your post!

Based on the feedback we received from the community, we began archiving older posts to make it easier for partners to get access to more relevant and recent content, or to start a new conversation.

Archived posts are always available to view and still appear in search results.

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fluff 4 years ago

Understood Laura but did you not notice the 4 posts made in that thread today, before you archived?

Neil Holleran 4 years ago

Dear Laura.

I don't live at my villa full time so cant receive my code can till we go over end of March can you send to my home address.

Thanks Neil