My guest left immefuately after arrival stating not feelings comfortable with my pet dog. Wife did not see my informatie on pets allowed. Offered to leave the dog behind shut doors but still guest leaves. Is this reason for non refundable cancellation?

Guest does not want to stay and leaves immediately after arrival. After having seen my pet dog. Offered to keep the dog behind shut doors. Offer declined.

surprised in having seen my other guest bring a family of 6.

also states not having read my info on The pets allowed and the check in time. Guest arrives 3 hours before check in time.

is this Still reason for A non refundable cancellation?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Alexandra


Clearly they read 10% and no more, I have no sympathy for them for such a ridiculous excuse for leaving.


Its does not qualify as a reason to cancel, and you have no obligation to refund nor relocate them, as they choose to leave by themselves, its entirely on them. 


Kind Regards.