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My helpful tour guide!!!

Hi everyone!!!

A couple of months ago I placed under my glass desktop a map of Oropos with places of interest, local attractions, entertainment, places to eat, drink, gas stations, supermarkets etc. together with advertising leaflets for my guests....

Following the protocol of corona virus I have removed all leaflets...

Thanks to the map under my glass desktop guests have all tourist info in front of them safe and healthy!!!

Please share your tips!!!

Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hello M Adamopoulou! Thanks for the tip. I'm glad to feature it! 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks Sergei,

Today I had guests arriving from Brussels...

They came late in the afternoon so they wanted to have dinner in a Greek taverna near us. 

Searching in googlemap I could not find the thanks to my smart desktop map it was easy to show my guest where exactly the taverna is located.

Having a local map really helps...



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Victoria and welcome to the Partner Community....

Please edit your profile in Community and share your property...

Wish you well.

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Miguel 3 years ago

We created a document in Google Docs, available for everyone with links to Google Maps. 

We send it to the guests one week before arrival via whatsapp. 

That way they have everything accessible via mobile

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Miguel,

That is a great idea...I also have created such document.

I have added sub categories....Explore like a local, favorite places to visit, beeaches etc.

I sent it to my guests1-2 days before arrival.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences and have a nice day.