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Suitcases soiling silk bedcovers
Where to purchase luggage rack's to hold cases.

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Jay 5 years ago

Hi Rgandhmm, I have no clue where in the world you so can't provide any links for retailers. All I can suggest is for you research hotel suppliers for luggage racks and if you find them expensive, there may be outlets online that can offer them more cheaply. OR, I have seen some mats hotels/B&Bs can purchase which can be placed at the end of a bed in readiness for the arrival of guests - to give you an idea, here's a link: https://www.outofeden.co.uk/products/7740-364/luggage-mat-brown

The rooms in my B&B aren't spacious enough to accommodate a luggage rack as such, so the mats are a great alternative to protect bedding. Alternatively, any hardware shop/store will sell cost-effective rubber mats which are a good alternative.