My property is Cash only, how to get the no show fee?

So my property is cash only, I set it available since the past 7 months.

I got many bookings, all seem to be serious and they reply but never show up. Now how do I charge them?

BrookAve 2 years ago



The simple answer is you cant unless you enable and specify a deposit must be paid with in x hours of booking.


add it to your fine print and to your auto message template for new bookings as the first paragraph, and state that booking will be void if payment not received.


provide the payment method , e.g. CC, IBAN , SEPA transfer etc... something that supports near instant payment.

Then when a guest fails to comply, simply :


  • Open reservation 
  • Message guest you will be cancelling as booking is void due to failure to make deposit payment .
  • Now on right page of details click request cancellation.
  • Now choose option 1.
  • Wait, system sends action to guest.
  • Once they click accept/confirm, the status becomes cancelled 


Note for last minute this option may be greyed out so in that case you must either message BdC support the reference and state why or phone them.


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