My Property does not appear in any search listings, and only appears in Map View if zoomed in

Hello Everyone,

I am really struggling with achieving visibility for my property, and it still does not appear in any of the search results in list view. Infact, it only appears on map view if you zoom really far into the exact location of my property.

I have tried many different things to improve the visibility, including following all of the tips in the Opportunity Centre but we are still having issues, and still not appearing in any list results. In particular I have already:


1. Ensured that we have a review rating of 9.0

2. Joined the Genius Programme including additional Genius Discounts

3. Joined the Preferred Partner Programme

4. Signed up to Visibility Booster with Maximum 30% Commission

5. Added a variety of rate plans, and made my standard plan fully Flexible/Refundable

6. Signed up to Mobile Only Discounts at 10% OFF

7. Signed up to Early 2021 Campaign at 25% OFF and Early Booker Discount 10% OFF

8. Signed up to Members only Discounts of 10% OFF

9. Run a 48hr 30% OFF Promotion

10. Set my standard pricing to ensure I am one of the lowest priced properties in my area


So despite doing all of the above my property is still not appearing in list results from searches and is difficult to even find on the Map. Is this a problem that others have had, and is there anything else that I can do to boost visibility?



BrookAve 2 years ago



Due to the nature of this you should  message or phone BdC Partner Support


You have not added your - View My Listing to your profile for us to see it. Please do it asap, so we can try search for it to see if its viewable.



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Reminder your profile here is missing your listing link, please add it.

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Account Adviso… 2 years ago

Hi Christopher Saunders,


I hope your local partner support have been able to assist but if you are still finding visibility an issue, it may be worth checking the basics:


  • Check your calendar restrictions. Availability is the biggest determinant if your property will show in search results (if you're not available over the search dates, you won't show up).
  • Ensure you are replying to guest messages in a timely manner. A lower reply score may result in higher cancellations which may affect your ranking.
  • Check your content is complete - you can look to the Property Page Score to see if there is any information missing. This also offers a checklist you can follow.


Great to see you've been in the Opportunity Centre! If you haven't yet, you can also have a look at your Ranking Dashboard which will cover the points I mentioned before. The data here looks at the past 90 days.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.