My property doesn't show in the search bar

Hi all, I'm a property owner I just opened an account with booking, I have uploaded all information and photos but my property location has not been confirmed yet. Now I'm trying to look for my listing just published yesterday in the search bar on booking, but it seems not to show at all. Anyone has ever had the same issue? Could you help?? Many thanks. Mirko

3 years ago

Hello Mirko Lausi! Thank you for posting in the Community. From the information I have this process may take some time. So, please, write in the comments if you still have this problem next week.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Marko and welcome to the Partner Community.

Have a look at your restrictions...

If you have your stay nights  set not for 1 night but for more and you are searching for 1 night your property will never been shown...

Wish you a great start.