My property is showing not available for booking

Hi sir I'm yousuf owner grand noora palace hotel srinagar kashmir india id number 14*** as I have all update but could not go live can you help me are see what happened  it never happen before mabe someone have blocked it I have been trying to open it not saxess why it showing this property don't take booking now I have all room vacant please check it out I want get bookings from your company please check it out thanks yousuf

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Jarratt - Acco… 1 year ago

Hello Yousef,


I can see that you have written multiple posts asking for help with your property not being available for bookings. Please see the details I've shared below, if this should happen in future the quickest and most effective way to get help with specific questions regarding your listing is to contact the Partner Support team, who are available 24/7. 


In order to best assist you and investigate why your property is not bookable, please get in touch with the Partner Support team - you will find contact details for the support team in the extranet where you can choose to send a message, or access the Partner Support phone number. Both options are available by clicking on the Inbox tab, then choosing 'Booking.com Messages'. 


You can compose a message to the support team, or find the contact number by clicking 'other options' on the right hand side, and following the prompts. 


If for any reason you can't access the extranet, you will find a list of public support number numbers listed here on the Partner Hub


Kind regards,