My two double bedrooms can only take 2 person (instead of 4)!


I have tried several hours, but it seems I have no way to make my 3-bedroom apartment (with two double beds in two bedrooms) can accomodate more than 2 adutls. If I add one more child or adult, it displays the flat is sold out. The proeprty link is at


Any advice?

Many thanks.


James Li 4 years ago

BTW, I choose two double beds (one in each bedroom), set the standard accupancy to be 4 adults (under "Property" -- "Proerty Layout") and allow children with the children occupance number to be 0 (under "Policies").

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pibomarco 4 years ago

Under Property -> Room details -> Edit the data should be put correctly. Perhaps you can make some screen shots. 


But it is infact strange because your listing is showing max occupancy for 4 persons in Deluxe Apartment, but it is not bookable for 4. Perhaps it would be better to contact your account manager.