need basic help

I have had my ad online for months and it has never been reserved I do not understand what happens or how it works

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Don Burns 4 years ago

I suggest looking at other Booking,com webpages, similar to your rental property (condo, apartment, bedrooms(s) within a private house, entire house rental, cabin, cottage, small hotel, etc.) and ask yourself about your property webpage:


  • Are images clear and sharp?
  • Is there too much clutter and mess in the rooms shown?
  • Does your building's exterior look clean and inviting?
  • Are there photos of the surrounding neighborhood?



  • Are you in a popular tourist area and close to local restaurants, bars, gift stores, museums, public transportation routes, etc.?


Do you offer guests free amenities in your description:

  • Bath towels, shower soap, shampoo, hair dryer, coffee maker with ground coffee and tea bags, kitchen access for cooking meals, microwave, refrigerator, bottled water, dining ware, television, Internet WiFi, etc.?


Can you post a weblink to your property for us to see and give you advice.


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Is your listing book able??? Are all your rooms opened???

Have a look at your home page and your calendar.

Wish you all the best...