need to cancel a room that is part of a wedding party


I am wondering how others in our industry would handle the following situation.

We have a small guest farm and have a wedding here shortly. A suite that sleeps 4 was damaged and we simply cannot get it repaired to be habitable in time for the event this weekend. The guests who had booked the room, as part of the larger party, have not paid their deposit despite it being required at time of booking. As I now cannot offer them accommodation anyway, i contacted a nearby establishment, and found them an alternative, same cost, actually 3 bedrooms rather than the 2 with me, and let the event organiser know that with regret I needed to move them, that I had arranged somewhere for them to go, and would happily arrange transport for the 1km or so journey to avoid drinking and driving. obviously i understand that the bride is upset at a last minute change, but there's nothing I can do as I simply dont have any more space..

Now getting a barrage of abuse.


What have others done in similar circumstances?



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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Sorry Alison to hear your struggles. I think you did the best you could do. Arranging also transportation was very thoughtful of you. I would suggest you send a message through your Extranet inbox explaining the situation to BDC letting them understand that you did the best you could to satisfy your guests.

Wish you good luck.

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

When I had a similar situation and there is a genuine reason to cancel a booking I dealt with booking.com rather than the guest! I found an alternative apartment in the area at the same price and booking.com organised the change and I did not pay the penalty or get any grief from the guest!

You can either try the same or cancel the booking on the basis that the guest did not pay the deposit to secure the booking!