Need help with formula to calculate Average Length of Stay

Hi everyone,

Average length of stay - how do you calculate it?

I mean I know I can have a good idea by figuring out the "average room nights per arrival" or "average room nights per departure" on a yearly basis, and maybe even monthly - however this becomes wildly inaccurate when trying to calculate for a single date.

Even on a monthly basis: If you usually have a lot of guests arriving at the end of December and departing at the beginning of January (New Years example), then depending on if we are using arrivals or departures as the basis for the "average length of stay" we'll have quite different results...

...Do I calculate the "average room nights per arrival" AND "average room nights per departure" and use the average, to get a more accurate result, or how?

Has anyone else run into this little conundrum? Hope someone has an idea!

P.S. I realise to be very exact it would be necessary to average the literal length of all reservations in a timeframe, but the data that is most practical to export has the occupied rooms, arrivals, departures etc. per date and I'm trying to do the best that's possible with that...

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AG Lodging 4 years ago

1) You already have many indicators of your performance at the dashboard. Just go to Analytics tab and there are plenty of data there. To calculate average length of stay, just divide total number of nigths by total number of bookings. Be sure to select the time frame you want (for example, last 365 days will include New Year).

2) If you want to do it manually, go to Reservations tab, select what you want (arrival/departure), select time frame (for example 1.1.2018 - 1.1.2019), and filter only those who stayed (to exclude cancelled and no-showed reservations). You will get results in tabular format. Export this table to Excel and analyze whatever you want.