A negative and false review

My Place is super Clean as all my Guests wrote in their review.

how can i asp to eliminate false review

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Booking.com won't do anything to help you. If you go to church every Sunday and pray every night, then you might get *some* help .....

Clois24 2 years ago

Have the same problem. B.C sent me an automated email telling me  a guest had marked me down for cleanliness. He gave me a10 for everything else and also  luckily stated in his review that the apartment was really clean. I contacted B.com and asked if they actually read reviews because if they did, they would see that the mark 2.5 had to be a mistake. They said they realised that there could be a problem but couldn`t do anything `as the guest blaa blaa blaa.....` I then contacted the guest personally. He told me that he had done the review on his phone app but usually does them on his pc (he uses B.com regularly!!)  and he noted himself that he was not able to give a mark for cleanliness on his phone app whereas he CAN always do this on his pc!  So where has this note of 2.5 come from Booking.com? 

BrookAve 2 years ago


the guest is *** you, he failed to do it right and can easily fix it but he is too lazy t o even try.