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Nervous about a 15 day booking and potential cancellation

Hi there,

We have just taken a booking for 15 nights in Aug 2020. OK, on face value that's a great booking. However, we do get a reasonable amount of 'cancellations' - I think people book as a 'just in case'. We have our policy set to 30 days, which generally works and we are pretty cool if there is a cancellation for a single or two nighter etc as we can normally backfill. However, this is half of a summer month so if they decide to cancel in July, that leaves us in a difficult position to try and refill half of the month.  Is there any protection from this type of booking - or suggestions on what we can do to 'protect' ourselves. 

Best regards...Chris...

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Use Payments by and set all bookings to non-refundable. No more fake bookings, no more last minute cancellations and empty rooms, you will get the money regardless. Yes, there is a high commission, but just increase your prices. You will still get the bookings.

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pibomarco 4 years ago

The second option is collecting deposits/payments from the guest directly. You need to set your payment policy accordingly in extranet to be able to do that.  

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! Doonbank Cottage and welcome to the Partner Community.

If it’s not too personal, may I ask if your reservation is made by Russians???

This year all of my reservations made by Russians have been canceled. Last week I also had a reservation for 20 nights in August 2020...almost same situation.  I am sure they are going to cancel ...hope early enough.

In my area this year every property has only non-refundable rates!!! but that means less bookings...

Collecting deposits is a nice idea but many guests don’t prefer it so again that means less bookings...

Which solution is best??? I wonder!!! It’s for us to discover!!!

Wish you all the best.