New business owner, how to keep the old reviews?


We have a new owner in our business and understandably they want to change everything to their own name and their own policies. The apartments stay the same but we have a new key pick-up location, new phone numbers, new logos new everything you get the idea..

The problem is, that we would like to recreate all the apartment profiles. The old company had couple profiles like "Helsinki Urban aparments" and under that tag was maybe 5 to 10 apartments. 

We would like to recreate all the profiles to have its own profile for every apartment.

SO, the question is: How can I recreate everything without loosing all the reviews and comments about the apartments?

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Antti Junttonen


THe simple answer is no , not an option.


So instead consider reaching out to support team to see if they can ask someone to change the registered name and related info.


They should be able to do this very easily. So insist on speaking to a manager if the advisor gives you the run around.




Kind Regards



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