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New features to support you with Risk-Free Reservations

Nowadays travellers need flexibility more than ever. Our Risk-Free Reservations programme is here to help you attract more guests who prefer the extra flexibility in their cancellation policy and minimise your risk when facing cancellation. Here is what’s new with the programme:

Reservation policy display

Now for all risk-free reservations, the upgraded policy is displayed in a timeline format on the Reservation details page. You can see when the free cancellation period starts and expires in a clear way.

Payment obligation for risk-free reservations

We’ve added a Risk-Free rooms summary on the Reservation details page so that you can see who is responsible for how much per reservation.

Up to date reservation status 

The status of each room night in the reservation is always up to date. If the guest cancels or partially cancels the reservation, you can find the current status in the room night breakdown.

In your channel manager, all the risk-free reservations will have their remarks in the notes/comments section per reservation. If anything changes with the reservation, you will also receive an update in your channel manager.

For more questions about risk-free reservations, check out our updated Frequently Asked Questions in our Partner Hub. If you would like to join the Risk-Free Reservations Programme, you can check our brand new landing page for more information.