No Breakfast options at Caroleville

Hi All at booking.com

I am  trying to open up my B&B but due to the current restrictions regarding coronavirus I would like to open for room only. (No breakfast)

I can select room only on the property management section but when I look up my B&B on line afterwards it is not obvious that It is room only.

How do I advertise room only to my guests so that there is no confusion about breakfast during the quest stay??

Is there someone that I could contact regarding this ?? Have you got a phone no. so that I can speak to someone in booking.com 

Kind regards

Susie (Caroleville B&B) 

36 Beaumont Drive,





Ismini Karali 2 years ago

You should contact partner support

Go to Inbox-Booking.com messages-Compose new message

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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Suzie, 


You can add a 'room only' rate plan: click on the Rates tab in the extranet, and then 'rate plans'. Click to add a new rate plan, and choose to set it up as room only. 


You can also remove breakfast options from the extranet, if you aren't serving breakfast at all at the moment. Click on the property tab, then 'Facilities'. Scroll down to the breakfast section and amend as appropriate. You could temporarily remove it, and readd at a later date. 


If you would like to discuss with the support team, you can contact via the steps Ismini has shared above, or this page lists support numbers by country. 


Kind regards and all the best with the reopening.