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I have a self contained Coach House for which I have received a 9.8 certificate two years running from Booking for the excellent service I offer my guests and therefore them. I am 4 miles from the nearest town and used to be on page one or page two on their website.  Yet now I am on page 5 and often dont even register with other properties in OTHER towns ahead of me.  Unsurprisingly I literally now have no bookings my business has collapsed.   There are other properties who charge more and also less than me. I am joining all Bookings incentives ie genius/mobile phone bookings/preferred partnership/improving my images - ( although they have worked for two years!)  Yet by the time I give away so much discount add the cost of heating/electricity/laundry it actually isn't worth it.  This is a shame and I am hugely disappointed as I had been doing so well and really enjoying being a host.

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pibomarco 3 years ago

Perhaps it would be easier if we were able to see your listed property.
Also in extranet you can go to Analytics tab -> Ranking Dashboard and see your actual visibilty performance.


Keep in mind that we also experienced less bookings comparing to the previous years and now due to virus we can expect even less bookings.


Also each year more and more new properties are listed which also can have an impact on performance.