Non refundable and high season

posted non refundable booking for my 2 apartments
Stordalsferien 1 and Stordalsferien 2
On one, this went very well
on the other it came in non refundable on the price of 5 people.
but for 6-7-8 people etc, no price came in for "non refundable" booking
In my "EasyNettBooking" provider I added "high season" in July, with a slightly higher price. But this was not included in the pricing at bookingCom. I understand that these changes should be made at my provider and not at BookingCom

How do I get changes?
With non-refundable price and change of price in high season?
Jarle Hove

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Jarle Hove


What did you mean by on one?


By provider sounds like you are referring to a Channel Manager called 'Easynetbooking'.

I believe its this one - https://www.easynetbooking.no/


Officially you will not get support for that here and should contact them to assist.


On a high level I can explain how it works, i.e. the CM portal will map a room / room type to a Rate ID which is the Booking.com Rate Plan ID shown in your calendar list view on Extranet.


Not All C.M.  are equal.



I cannot find your C.M. on that list so no way to validate what features it has or has not.

Their website is not forward thinking and lacks a translation feature. Its 2020 so that's really a no-no. 


Sorry I cant help further.








Kind Regards



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For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


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Jarle Hove 4 years ago

I have 2 apartments, Stordalsferien 1, ID ***.. On this I have non refundable price.

It is posted on 2 people, 3 people, 4 people and so on. I use your system and all was OK

The other apartment, Stordalsferien 2, ID ***, I have also used your system to enter a non refundable price. But on this apartment, this price comes up with the only option with 5 guests.

It is not located on 6 guests, nor on 7 guests, etc.

how should i post a non refundable price so that it also applies to 6-7-8 guests etc

As I understand this can only be done on your system

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello Jarle Hove! Thank you for posting in the Community! Sometimes when you create a new rate category you might need to ask from Booking.com partner support to change specific settings, so that it is connected with your channel manager. The same goes with prices for different occupancies where it seems that you are missing some settings. Since these issues cannot be properly handled via this channel we would kindly advise you to send us a message via your "Inbox" in Extranet. Best of luck!