Non refundable rate plan

Hi all,

I am after some advice on finding a way of editing my non refundable rate plan, I have set one up but after careful thought I need to make changes to it, as I couldn't find how to edit I went and deleted it so as to head back in and set up a new one but every time I try to add a new non refundable rate plan it just re-sets up the old one I don't want any more, there doesn't seem to be a way of making changes.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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pibomarco 5 years ago

If you are not able to edit rate plan, you should contact Booking.com support via extranet (Inbox -> Booking.com messages)

Steven MacLennan 4 years ago


You should be able to edit your non-refundable rate plan under:

Rates&Availability/Rate Plans then click the arrow next to your Non-refundable rate plan and then there should be an edit button on the bottom right.  If this is not there contact Booking.com as pibpmarco has said.

I have just added a non-refundable rate plan and its not working the way it should.  Booking.com's system seems to be ignoring all the settings and just offering every guest a non-refundable rate.