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Hello guys , 

My property has been listed @ booking.com few days ago but still i am not getting bookings though my page score is 100% and i turned the visibility feature @30% . Please help me in this topic.

Thank you 

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pibomarco 3 years ago

I would suggest to activate promotion for Genius guests. It is also recommended for start-ups to increase the commission amount for better visibilty.

It would be easier to comment if we would be able to see your listing also. 


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Aaron Account … 3 years ago

Hi Deepesh,


Thank you for your question!


I've been with Booking.com for over 3 years and worked across a number of teams. I am currently an Account Manager, which involves helping all types of properties increase bookings on our website. There are a number of areas we can focus on to make sure your listing is getting enough visibility:



Well done on achieving a 100% property page score. It's great you have ticked all the boxes but it's a good idea to check the content is relevant and high quality. There are a few important questions you can ask yourself when checking:

  • Do all my photos highlight key selling points e.g. surrounding view, swimming pool, garden? (found in property tab --> photos)
  • If you have multiple room types, is it easy for customers to differentiate a basic room from a premium room?
  • Are all relevant room amenities selected (found in property tab --> room amenities)
  • Have you ticked all the facilities and services offered (found in property tab --> facilities/services)


Opportunity Centre:

This tool will provide personal recommendations on areas your property page needs improvement. This includes visibility, cancellations and length of stay, just to name a few. The longer you are online and bookable, the more recommendations we will suggest to help you out. Take a look at this tab to see if there is something you can improve. 


Search as a Customer:

The Extranet has a lot of great tools and programs to help get more customers looking and booking your property. However, doing some searches on the Booking.com website (or front end) can also be effective. Imagine you are a customer looking to book accommodation. Follow the below as an example:

  • Open an incognito window on your internet browser
  • Type in your city or area location 
  • Have a look at your own property page. Is there enough information to make you book it? Why/Why not?
  • Do the same for your competitors. Are they highlighting any key sellings points you are not? Is your price competitive? 

Keep in mind our teams constantly run front end testing to help convert customers. You may notice different banners and texts from time to time. For this reason focus on the elements you can add/edit in the property page score such as photos. 


Make sure you check the Partner Hub often as there lots of great resources to help you grow your bookings. 


If you need us again, we're always here



Aaron B.

Partner Services

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Aaron, very nice to have you with us.

Your tips are very helpful.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Wish you a wonderful day.