notification when a reservation is done by a costumer


I remark that sometimes when a customer make a reservation on booking, I will not receive an email to notify me on a new reservation. 

Example: my father & me are declared on booking as" Primary point of contact ". My father received the mail on his address Email but I received nothing on mine.

In the notification feature on booking, "Would you like to receive an email with a daily overview of your reservations?" is put on "NO" . Because I don't want to have a Email every day but only when I have a new reservation.

What can I do for ? 


Thanks for your help 



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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi tobias schneider! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Our system set up in the way to have only one primary contact. So this is the reason why your father receives notifications and you don't. The email notifications of the new reservation will go to the email address, that is under "Reservations" section in Contacts or, if there is no number added, to primary contact. 


In this case we would advise you to leave only one primary contact to avoid confusion. 


Best regards!